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Introducing Rottweiler Performance's KTM 790/890 Adventure Rear Master Cylinder Guard. This guard provides complete protection of your Rear Master Cylinder, brake line banjo bolt connection and delicate reservoir line connection. We discovered a problematic area on the master cylinder that needed immediate addressing, the plastic reservoir connector. This junction is exposed to damage by the rider's boot when moving around on the footpeg. One simple step and your use of the rear brake is over. Not with our guard. We designed a 90 degree bend that wraps around this area and included a piece of foam strategically positioned to protect that area from possible damage. We didn't stop there, we then designed the top of the guard to be angled in order to protect the brake line banjo junction. We angled it this way to allow the rider's boot to slide past this area when hunting for the footpeg. We've tested this guard in the grueling world of professional racing and we can honestly tell you it works. Every 790 Adventure owner will want this guard. Don't get caught out in the badlands of Baja with a broken master cylinder. 

Rottweiler Performance KTM 790/890 Rear Master Cylinder Guard

SKU: 790-890-DUKE-RMCG
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