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KTM apparently isn't using the 790/890 Adventure like some of us are. Hard. One of the 'New Model Blues' of this bike (aside from being a game changing motorcycle) happens to be weak headlight brackets that have been snapping at the top weldment bar on the frame, leaving riders to finish their rides with a loose headlight, possibly doing even more damage just to get home.

The Rottweiler Performance Headlight Brace is a very different approach than what you have probably already seen. Sheet metal braces may help a little, but they are obtrusive and the slotted holes at the headlight mounts solely rely on the friction of the backside of the tiny bolt head alone to do the work, which is not ideal. Especially if the bolt(s) work loose and then the sheet metal brace completely stops working altogether. Because of the turnbuckle design, the Rottweiler Performance headlight brace will continue to work, even if the bolts come loose. 


The Rottweiler Performance Headlight Brace works differently by creating a completely inflexible link between a very solid frame tab and the upper headlight mounting bar in a perfectly straight line by adding a very small turnbuckle that can actually pull tight once installed for a brutally strong brace. No sheet metal folds to flex. No obtrusive material in places it doesn't need to be and be seen. Simple and elegant, this small device allows the user to create a very tight and flex free link to the weak part the design, and creates some riding insurance for those looking to ride rather than end their rides.


But what about the bottom bolt? There is very little force on the bottom bolts, and rest assured thin pieces of sheet metal aren't doing very much anyway. In addition, the pulling action (top mount) is far more destructive than a pushing action (lower mount), so bracing the bottom mount has never really been needed.

Rottweiler KTM 890/790 ADV Headlight Brace

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