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The TRANSAVER is a unique new device that can dramatically decrease or eliminate completely accidental damage from aggressive downshifts to your sensitive and complicated internal shifting mechanisms.


The KTM LC8c 790/890 engine is an amazingly small and well-engineered engine, but the downside to such engineering and lightweight can be easily bent or damaged shift components. One ill-placed or hard downshift can bend any number of items in this system quite easily.


The TRANSAVER is a unique and simple device that has identical feel in both up and downshifting when regular down pressure is applied, but when over-stressed has the ability to compress the gas strut momentarily in order to save the delicate parts moving around in your transmission.


The TRANSAVER has been race tested in the most rugged of conditions and the riders stated after the race that they completely forgot the unit was even installed and that everything felt like normal unless a hard shift took place. Basically no downsides or trade-offs with only added insurance that your investment's expensive parts are safe. A win/win.


Protect your delicate transmission with the Rottweiler Performance TRANSAVER.

Rottweiler 790/890 ADV Transaver

SKU: 790-890-ADV-TS
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