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Built-in barometric pressure sensor adjusts fueling for elevation changes, the GET ECU is a WiFi enabled device for easy, seamless, and wireless connection on the trail or at the track.


Easy installation with some brief syncing and confirming of settings in the app. 

WiFi into your bike to see diagnostic data, trouble codes, tune and modify the fueling and ignition of maps.


Fueling can be increased up to 30% and decreased 10% with the easy to use free smart phone app. Ignition can be adjusted -30 deg to +5 deg.


Full traction control ready, unlike other performance ECU's available; requires optional traction control switch.


One of the most widely used performance ECU on the market by professional teams.


Wi-Fi Com exclusive to the GET allows you to fine-tune engine parameters such as injection, ignition and rev. limit using a smartphone or tablet to see bike data in real time. 


GET Traction Control Adjuster Knob with required Y-Split Wiring Harness available add-on**

Free ECU Wifi-Enabled Programming & Tuning App available*

Athena GET ECU System w/ Wifi Module

$1,000.00 Regular Price
$990.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
    • Plug & Play
    • Integrated Traction Control (GPA technology) and compatible with electronic Launch Control (LC-GPA device)
    • Completely programmable via Wi-GET App and MAYA software
    • KTM/Husqvarna (2018+) FE/FEs & EXC-F Models
    • Honda 250/450 R/RX/X/L Models

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