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The Motion Pro Titan Throttle Tube™ is made with a proprietary low-friction composite material that delivers a light, precise, and smooth operating feel with low transmitted vibration. These throttle tubes are strong enough to take the heaviest impacts, and resilient enough not to crack or deform on the handlebar. Titan Throttle Tubes™ combine the best properties of aluminum and traditional nylon tubes at a fraction of the cost.


Motion Pro is so confident about the indestructibility of the Titan Throttle Tube™ that they offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty. If you damage it due to crash or tip over, we will replace it.

The Titan Throttle Tube™ is available for most late model 2-stoke & 4-stroke off-road motorcycles, and also available as an upgrade to several of our replacement throttle assemblies. Motion Pro Rev2™ Variable Rate Throttle Kits come standard-equipped with a Titan Throttle Tube™ for all dirt/off-road applications.

Motion Pro Titan Throttle Tube

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