Investing over a decade into R&D for our Nitro Mousse, we have developed an incredibly tough micro-matrix of proprietary elastomers energized with a high concentration of nitrogen. This gives Nitro Mousse unrivaled durability and a much more lively, predicable feel from the very first ride.

Nitro Mousse Platinum Bib

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$121.45Sale Price
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    • Enjoy every precious second of your ride with 100% flat proof dependability.
    • Proprietary technology provides a more lively consistent feel from the very first ride.
    • Lasts up to twice as long as other popular mousses providing much more bang for your buck!
    • Plusher on the small stuff, yet ramps up for the big hits.
    • Improved traction
    • New Platinum color
    • Easy instructions and simple installation
    • 10-12 PSI Progressive Feel