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The base material used for EXP 4.0 has been updated to provide better strength in high temperature environments, critical for the heat clutch systems create. Next, the internal wall of the EXP 4.0 bases were redesigned for strength and rigidity, which helps translate to a more connected lever feel for the rider.  On the outside of the EXP disk, riders will notice the friction pads now match the proprietary friction design found on Rekluse TorqDrive clutch plates. Applying this friction pad design helps match oil flow characteristics of the clutch pack beneath, promoting improved cooling capability and consistent operation.   The ‘wedges’ are a critical component to the centrifugal functionality of EXP 4.0. In the previous iteration, the Teflon wedges would slide up and down ramps built into the EXP bases to engage and disengage the clutch. EXP 4.0’s wedge has been improved to now use rolling contact with built-in pins. Rolling versus sliding creates less friction and resistance, providing smoother engagement and a more responsive feel, creating stronger power delivery overall. New roller design reduces the friction coefficient by 98%  When you need the best, look no further than RadiusCX it is the top of the line auto clutch product that brings together all of our latest technology into one package. TorqDrive friction disk technology coupled with the new EXP 4.0 and our Core technology results in significant advancement in auto performance with exceptional hook-up, lever feel and durability. Just when you thought auto couldn’t get better, RadiusCX 4.0 has raised the bar. 
  • Auto Clutch Benefits
  • Eliminates stalling, start and stop without engaging the clutch lever
  • Increased power transfer over OEM
  • Allows riders to run a gear taller, letting the suspension work better and saving energy
  • TorqDrive clutch pack provides longer clutch life with less adjustment over time
  • Retains full, normal use of the clutch lever to fully override the auto functionality at any time
  • Improves rider control, maximizes traction and confidence to navigate challenging terrain
  • EXP 4.0 Features
  • More direct power delivery, improved durability, and rider-focused functionality
  • Upgraded base material providing improved strength at high temperatures
  • Revised base design improving strength and rigidity, translating to more connected lever feel
  • Improved wedge design with pins allows for rolling instead of sliding to expand the disk, creating a more responsive feel and smoother engagement
  • TorqDrive friction pad design matches revised oil flow characteristics
  • Engagement curve designs updated to better match modern motorcycle engine characteristics

Rekluse Radiuscx 4.0 Clutch GasGas/Rieju - RMS-8917001

SKU: 156-47260
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