The Slavens Mule EZ Stainless Steel Idle Screw for KTM/Gas Gas TPI and HQV i allows you to easily adjust your fuel injection idle rpm level with your fingers, no tools needed. The idle screw enables you to correctly adjust the air screw (KTM calls it the idle screw) and then adjust the idle with the Slavens Mule EZ Idle Screw.

Slavens Mule EZ Stainless Steel Idle Screw

SKU: SR03-1005S
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    • Quick & easy idle adjustment with no tools
    • CNC machined from stainless steel for durability, improved fit (stainless is far superior to aluminum)
    • Lightweight & precise fit
    • Square end for easy grip
    • Enables easy tuning of idle rpm level
    • Available in natural stainless steel
    • Installation video in tab above
    • 2018-22 KTM/HQV 250/300 TPI Model
    • 2020-22 KTM 150XCW/HQV TE150
    • 2021-22 Gas Gas EC250/300/EX300