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MJR is unlike any other motorcycle shop out there. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond in every detail of our service process.

How it's done matters - from washing your bike, to greasing wheel bearings, it's all about the process. That's what sets us apart from other shops, our team takes the time to identify and address every detail to ensure your bike is functioning at peak performance. 

To us the reliability, and safety of your machine is our highest priority - always.

Jack oversees everything that comes through MJR's doors. Our technicians are highly trained skilled problem solvers, and we maintain our exemplary standards through a rigorous set of checks and balances to ensure quality control through every step of the process.

Every bike passes through our exhaustive "Check in Process" free of charge including a full inspection of wear items;

  • Grip condition

  • Tire condition and wear 

  • Chains, Sprockets, and Guide wear

  • Coolant levels, Engine Oil condition/level 

  • Air Filter inspection

  • Chassis & Control inspection

  • Battery charge-test

  • And much more!

Mad Jack Racing - Always be Prepared.

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​Professional prep makes all the difference, from the trails to the track - MJR is here to help.

With over a decade servicing bikes for motocross, desert racing, and trail riding - we've got you covered.


Dual Sport is quickly becoming the most popular segment in motorcycling.


We offer a full range of tiered service for these vehicles, whether you just need a quick tune up, or a full mid-season refresh.


Take the stress out of gearing up for your next big adventure ride. 


Have MJR service and prep your ADV bike for guaranteed miles of fun.


Engine work made easy, MJR has over 10-years of experience building quality race motors.


We can get your bike running crisp and clean in no time!

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After the "Check in Process" we build a comprehensive quote based on the condition of the motorcycle, a conversation with you about your needs, and upcoming riding plans. Once we have a quote, we email over an estimate.

Once confirmed, we require a 50% Deposit up-front, the outstanding balance is then due at time of completion - not time of pick up. Funds for specialty parts or additional service orders and part orders are subject to additional deposits.

In some cases, we may need to request additional funds to paid upfront -- see our Bike Build information.


MJR services bikes on a "First Come, First Serve" basis. Estimates for turn-around time, completion time are dependent on part availability. If there is a major delay, or change to the time schedule for your bike service, MJR will reach out right away with any updates.​

We always do our best to accommodate our customers.

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What is the turnaround time on my bike? How long will it be at the shop?

Typically bikes are here for an average of 3-5 Days. Depending on services and part availability this time period can change; while we can't promise a return date, we do update you during the process.

For full rebuilds, bike builds, and more complex service needs we take an in-depth approach which requires 2-6 Weeks for completion.

We're always available, so feel free to call while your bike is in the shop.

How do I ensure my bike will get done in a reasonable time frame?

Communication is key! We're very invested in our customers - we always reach out for information or clarification via your preferred channel, but we do need to hear back from you.

The faster we hear back from you, the more efficient we can be getting your machine prepped.

How do I know what level of prep. I need, what do I do?

Every rider has different needs, and those are reflected by your machine.


Most of the time the level of service required is determined by the number of hours on the bike, component condition, and your upcoming plans.


Schedule a service request, and we can walk through all those needs over the phone, or in-person after going through our "Check in Process" to make maintenance needs clear.

Do you charge to wash my bike?

We don't wash bikes for free, but a thorough bike wash is included with every level of service prep.  

For small jobs, after the "Check in Process", we usually know if a bike wash is in order, and we will add an "Entry Level" service prep. as necessary.

Can I provide my own parts or fluids?

Yes.  You can 100% provide your own parts, but you forego any potential service discounts, and savings you might get by ordering through MJR.


However, if part fitment is incorrect we will have to pull your bike from the schedule until correct replacements can be found, and delivered to MJR.

We do encourage purchasing your parts through us, simple and less hassle!

Can I have my old parts after my bike is complete?

Yes, we always offer you your old/broken parts after service is complete.

How often should I get my bike serviced, prepped, or looked over?

We always suggest tracking your bike hours, and mileage so you can keep up with the maintenance intervals.


Got more questions? Contact us!

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