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VALKYRIE: Hyperstock Husqvarna FE501s

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Often improvements and aftermarket parts drastically change the appearance and functionality of a stock motorcycle - sometimes to a degree where the bike is no longer recognizable.

Other times subtle and precise changes can underline the clean straightforward aesthetics the manufacturer has provided while quietly improving and emphasizing the performance.

Introducing the MJR built 'VALKYRIE' Husqvarna FE501s project bike;

Our goal with this motorcycle was to drastically improve off-road performance through specific improvements in the power delivery, weight distribution, and electronics suite, without drastically changing the overall appearance of the motorcycle.

Taking inspiration from the strong no-nonsense aesthetics of the Swedish Husqvarna -- our vision for the VALKYRIE was born!

To achieve a 'slimmed down' look we had to eliminate most of the bulky stock componentry -- replacing it with clean understated turn-signals, a simplified taillight and license bracket, condensed handlebar-switch configurations, and pairing it all with improved lighting from a Baja Designs headlight kit.

More still, we included the MadJack Racing Performance Kit, for eliminating certain power limiting configurations on the motorcycle -- no more reeds in the air box. Our performance kit offers an improved air-to-fuel mixture, and drastically improved power delivery via a specially tuned Vortex ECU and FMF RCT4.1 Exhaust system.

By trimming weight wherever and whenever possible, we've managed to make the FE501s drastically more nimble and off-road worthy than in stock form, while still retaining it's comfortable dual-sport functionality.

Finishing touches include swapping to the versatile GoldenTyre treads, and a GPR V5 Steering Stabilizer, and GPR Rubber-mounted Triple clamp systems to provide unrivaled comfort and control at the handlebars.

This bike is currently available for sale -- a full build ready to hit dirt for the very first time.

For more details please contact us at: +1 (805)-842-1313

Thank you to Enegren Brewing Co. for hosting our 2021 Husqvarna FE501s 'VALKYRIE' Build photoshoot!

Looking for your next beer? Try Enegren!

Scope out our favorite - the Valkyrie Amber from Enegren Brewing Co.

Looking for more on this build?

Call us @ +1 (805)-842-1313

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