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PROJEKT DYNE: Husqvarna FE501s

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Building the perfect FE 501s is a battle of function, form, and refinement. MadJack-Racing looks for the most impressive and direct methods of highlighting the aspects of the motorcycle based on the riders needs to present the strongest most robust package available to the customer.

When it comes to the baseline, the Husqvarna enduro range offers some of the best foundation on which to build, and the FE 501s offers the most versatility and potential by combining a compliant dual-sport platform with a true off-road core. This is a full write-up on the build we did for Austin Dyne.


In concept, we wanted to take Austin Dyne's Husqvarna FE 501s as far as we could towards making a pristine off-road package, while still retaining all the advantages of a street legal dual-sport.

So in preparation we stripped down Austin's bike to the frame; there are no half measures when building a bike with MadJack Racing! That includes chassis preparation. Breaking down a new motorcycle certainly seems counter intuitive to many riders, but it's an essential step to ensuring the lifecycle of your bike -- even when you aren't doing a custom build from the ground up.

During this process we pre-purchased, sourced, or made all the necessary after-market parts and services with meticulous attention to detail, while working closely with Austin to define the look and function of his motorcycle.


Pieces such as the frame, calipers, swingarm and various other suspension and chassis components were coated in black or grey finish. Even the engine was rebuilt with cerakote treatments for heat dispersion and to bring the overall aesthetic of the motorcycle into line.


Rebuilding, polishing, coating and treating the engine itself to maximize performance and reliability was an in-depth process of breaking down the FE 501s Powerplant into it's smallest constituent parts and to improve the form and function of those pieces. This included a Rekluse Torque Drive clutch installation, MJR Dual-sport Performance kit, Boyesen waterpump, FX 450 Airboot conversion, custom tuned Vortex ECU, and throttle body replacement. To match this powerplant -- an FMF 4.1 Exhaust system was paired up, for a crisp and powerful note.


Once we had everything coated, treated, and rebuilt to our customer's specifications assembly of the chassis and other componentry could start, here we went with an upgraded Dubya-Talon Excel A60 wheelset for better strength and rigidity -- paired with Nitro-bib Mousse Gen. 2 Platinum inserts wrapped in fresh GoldenTyre rubber.


For this model year of Husqvarna FE 501s we decided to preempt any issues with the clutch master cylinder and brake componentry by switching to the more reliable Brembo assemblies, which were also coated and treated to pair with the rest of the motorcycle's performance goals.

Upfront we installed a BajaDesigns LED XL80 Headlight and paired it with an Austrian OEM Hi-Low Lighting Harness to allow variable lighting, and SICASS Racing's full slim-electronics and turn-signal kit.

As mentioned earlier, we provided Austin with a custom-tuned Vortex ECU -- the best solution to garner the most control and power out of his rebuilt powerhouse.

We installed X-Trig ROCS Triple Clamps, WP CONE Valve Forks, WP Factory A-Kit Shock with X-Trig WP adjustment collar and Factory Connection link, IMS CORE Enduro footpegs for contact points.


Add an IMS 3.2Gal in black, Austrian Handguards in black, P3 Carbon skidplate, ZipTy Racing Rear Rotor guard, Titanium hardware bolt kit -- and this Husqvarna wraps up as a weapon with unique aesthetics and unrivaled performance.

Thank you to our customer, Austin Dyne #14!


If you're looking for more parts, accessories or services not listed here - reach out to us to plan your next custom build, or rebuild!

For more information please contact us:

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