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Welcome to MadJack Racing!

We're a bit new to the blogging world, and we're still working to get our content online in an orderly fashion, but we are expanding our business online. Now you can order all your parts, accessories, tires, and more -- directly through

You can even schedule a service, and set a date for your bike to be picked up and delivered to the shop and have us install any product available in our online store.

We're looking to expand our footprint in online retail, but as ever, we plan to continue providing the same exceptional level of maintenance, bike builds, and engine services as we have for over a decade.


Why Choose MJR?

Nowadays every shop on the block claims to be the best bike builder around -- everywhere you turn there are solutions to problems we didn't even know we had with our bikes, and even more products that claim to improve them. Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the slew of options available, and find out on the side of the trail that our bikes weren't prepared. MadJack Racing approaches motorcycle builds a bit differently; because we know our customers will be riding these bikes, sometimes for years to come, our focus is on performance and reliability. We're riders, and we test parts on our own bikes, and we know that nobody wants to miss out on an epic weekend of riding! Finding the right parts, guards, and manufacturer missteps can be a daunting process, and solving them correctly can be a difficult - so we try to take the hassle and confusion out of the equation by only offering products proven to work. Durability, life-time, and potential failures points are critical to know ahead of time.

Building a new motorcycle from scratch is always an exciting process, but life can get in the way -- MadJack Racing has been in the unique position to help find the perfect platform for our customers. For us, helping you make your dream bike a reality is what it's all about!

Currently, the juggernaut of KTM/Husqvarna motorcycles has been churning out the best bikes available to the dual-sport segment, so we find ourselves specializing in builds of the KTM 500 EXC, Husqvarna FE501 and 501s - as well as the smaller bore 350cc models.

These bikes have become a mainstay for riders looking to explore and expand their range without sacrificing performance. MJR works to highlight the strengths of these bikes while providing the best packages to provide reliability out on the trail.

We look forward to helping you build your bike, and maintain it!

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